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Keysha Doutherd
Assistant III
(408) 453-4345




​Barb Flores
(408) 453-4302

Barb Flores is the Coordinator for English Language Arts, English Language Development, and Literacy. For the past five years, she has been a Coordinator for Curriculum and Instruction in Berryessa Union and Cupertino Union School Districts. She has worked closely with principals, teachers, and other stakeholders to assess student and staff needs and execute the necessary services in areas such as implementation of CCSS instruction, Units of Study in Writing and Reading, Balanced Literacy Framework, and Project-Based Learning. She possesses knowledge and experience in developing purposeful, relevant professional development which positively impacted student learning.

​Prior to being a Coordinator Barb served as an ELA/ELD coach and site administrator of an elementary and middle school in the Franklin-McKinley School District. She received extensive training in pedagogy that supports English learners, analyzing and evaluating data to inform instruction, and developing professional learning communities to improve academic progress of students.


Laura Guajardo History SS Coordinator.jpg

Laura Guajardo
History-Social Science & Civic Engagement
(408) 453-4354


As Coordinator for History-Social Science and Civic Engagement, Laura comes to the Santa Clara County Office of Education with almost 30 years of experience. She is well-versed in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and Response to Intervention (RTI), is an expert in Direct Interactive Instruction (DII) which specializes in establishing classroom rules and routines, classroom management, gradual release instruction, and standards-based assessments. She has worked in partnership with both Gender Spectrum and the Office of Civil Rights to promote district-wide Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT), is certified in Restorative Practices, and believes all students can and should succeed no matter their circumstances.

Laura's journey in education began in the Fremont Unified School District as a paraprofessional aide with special education students. It progressed to teaching social studies and working as an Activities Director at a high achieving multilingual junior high school in which she was recognized for "going above and beyond the call of duty" more than once.  For the last two years, Laura has worked at the district level as an Instructional Coach; wherein, she provided one-on-one support for teachers and administration, created highly-interactive professional development, refined curriculum, and lead textbook adoptions to promote learning literacy skills through content.  


Jhun Madriaga
Assistant II
(408) 453-4318

Olivia Santillan
Coordinator, History-Social Science & Civic Engagement
(408) 453-4261

Olivia Santillan started her teaching career in Fremont Unified in 1997 where she led multiple cross curricular teams through aligning curriculum and creating cross curricular lessons and units. Starting in 2014, Olivia worked as an assistant principal in San Lorenzo Unified where she was trained to conduct administrative work with staff, students, and families through a Restorative Practices and Equity lens. As a site administrator, she supervised and was responsible for the History Social Studies, ELA, and the ELD departments, CELDT testing, ELAC, Seal of Biliteracy, and CAASPP. She created and maintained partnerships between the engineering academy she supervised and the Computer History Museum, Facebook/Oculus, and Morpho Detection.​
Denise Camarena
Deedy Camarena
Coordinator, Multilingual Education Services
(408) 453-6859

Denise (Deedy) Camarena is a Coordinator for Multilingual and Humanities Education.  For the past two years, she has been the Secondary English Learner Academic Coach for Gilroy Unified School District.  With her site English Learner teams, she has worked in collaboration with administration to improve upon their English Learner programs.  In response to student and staff needs, her professional development was designed to included effective implementation of the California English Language Development Standards, CCSS and Content Standards, Equitable Assessment for English Learners and the analyzation of data to inform instruction.  Deedy utilizes her vast knowledge of curriculum development and implementation, expertise with current English Learner methodologies and pedagogies, and culturally responsive practices, to create impactful professional development to guide educators of all levels.

Leading up to her most recent position, Deedy acquired her knowledge serving as district English Learner Coordinator, Elementary English Learner Summer School Coordinator and Spanish International Baccalaureate instructor.  Using her fluency and extensive training in the Spanish language, she is a valuable asset to assisting the development of programs leading to K-12 students' proficiency in two or more languages.

Alex Tejeda
Assistant II
(408) 453-6690​
Yee Wan
Yee Wan, Ed.D.
(408) 453-6825

Yee Wan, Ed.D. is director of Multilingual and Humanities Education at the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE). She is the past president of the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) Board. Over the past 20 years, Yee has worked as a bilingual teacher, assistant professor, and administrator of English learner programs.

Yee provides leadership for building school and district capacity in developing systems for supporting English learner success. She leads professional learning on the English Learner Roadmap, implementation of the California English Language Arts/English Language Development (ELA/ELD) Framework, and a community of practice for English learners with disabilities in Santa Clara County. She serves on key statewide ELA/ELD and Mathematics Collaboration Committees to support the implementation of these frameworks. Yee also spearheads the national My Name, My Identity Initiative in partnership with NABE for building a culture of respect by honoring others' names and identities.